Online Registration for Affiliation of OAVs to the CBSE  

Details :-

1.Please download all 03 attachments immediately and act as per the instructions.

2.Online registration should be complete much before 30th June, 2016 to avoid online congestion.

3.Action Taken Report may be submitted to this office on the 30th, June, 2016.

4.Any queries will be clarified by Sri S.S.Sahu, Consultant. Mobile:9437091412

5.District Education Officers are specifically requested to take urgent immediate action within the dateline by personal contact with the Principals/BEOs.

6.The help of nearby CBSE staff like Central School Principals, staff, NVS staff may also be taken for online registration.

Failure on the part of a single OAV will deprive the students to appear at the Annual CBSE Board Exam in Class X.

This should be treated on a priority basis.

(i) Online application 'For fresh regular affiliation of Secondary classes' of OAV Click Here

(ii) Opening for Model School (Odisha Adarsh Vidyalaya) Click Here

(iii) Certificate of Land Click Here